• Syringe containing adhesive designed for sealing cuts in the intestine after surgery (courtesy of Sealantis)

    Two researchers from the Technion will attend the first conference of the European Network of Bioadhesion Expertise.  The goal is to explore methods of adhesion in natural systems and develop innovative adhesive materials suitable for medical use inspired by these methods   Despite the obvious differences between algae, geckos and glowworms, these creatures have a Read More

  • professor-laura-gagliardi

    This year Isaiah Shavitt lectureship award was received by Prof. Laura Gagliardi from the University of Minnesota. This is the third annual event in memory of Isaiah Shavitt. Isaiah Shavitt was a pioneer in the field of theoretical chemistry and widely regarded as one of the founders of computational chemistry. Developed efficient methods to treat Read More

  • 15390842_1527975867219868_4802470318326578227_n

    השבוע לפני 5 שנים, ב-10 בדצמבר 2011, הוענק פרס נובל בכימיה לפרופ’-מחקר דן שכטמן מהפקולטה למדע והנדסה של חומרים בטכניון. פרופ’ שכטמן, שהשלים את כל תאריו בטכניון, קיבל את הפרס על גילוי הגבישים הקוואזי-מחזוריים. התגלית ההיסטורית, שהתרחשה ב-8 באפריל 1982 בעת שהותו במכון התקנים האמריקאי (NBS), פתחה תחום מחקר חדש במדע.   טקס קבלת פרס Read More

  • GaryFrant

    A retirement party for Dr. Gary Fant, the faculty’s electronic engineer, was held  this week. For the past 42 years, Gary helped faculty members and trainees with research work. Many of them honored Gary and came to express their appreciation. We would like to wish Gary a joyful retirement, and to thank him for the Read More

  • תמונה_3

      High-resolution SEM micrograph of iron oxide (a-Fe2O3) “nanograss” layer produced by thermal oxidation of an iron (Fe) foil at 600°C (Prof. Avner Rothschild). Metal-Ceramic Interface Group: The alumina hill was formed during the growth of alumina by vapor-liquid-solid deposition. Growth steps are visible at the hill surfaces (Prof. Wayne Kaplan) CAE Group: MgF2 ALD coating on Read More

  • grill_party1

    The annual grill party was held at the Departmental of Materials Science and Engineering. The student body of our Department organized a social evening at 19:30, June 1st 2016. This grill party engaged undergraduate students, graduate student, staff, and faculty. Selected pictures: More pictures from the event can be found at: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B-4d59cvUfk2YTk2STQ4ZVVnQmc&usp=drive_web

  • חישובי

    A new research group for advanced materials modeling has been established by Prof. Maytal Caspary Toroker at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the Technion. Some of the activities include the following: A new conference on “Recent Advances in Computational Modeling for Energy Applications” was held on July 7th 2015 at the Department Read More

  • פרסים

    Congratulations for Awards:                                                 November 2016: Prof. Emeritus Moshe Eizenberg receives an award “Notable Honor of the City of Haifa” for the year 2016 Dr. Gary Frant on his retirement Moran Balaish, Postdoctoral Student of Prof. Yair Ein-Eli Tao Zang, Postdoctoral Student of Prof. Michael S. Silverstein Kapil Dhaka. Postdoctoral Student of Asst. Read More

  • degree

    New at the Technion! The Department of Materials Science and Engineering is opening a new B.Sc degree in Materials Engineering The new degree combines basic knowledge of chemistry and physics and materials engineering, in order to give graduates a wide range of tools that will allow them to engage in a variety of fields such as microelectronics, Read More

  • פקולטה_2

    The Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology is seeking outstanding candidates for tenure-track faculty positions at the Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor levels. We seek applicants with significant accomplishments and future potential in any area of materials science and engineering. Applications from candidates working in the field Read More